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Football season is just around the corner and nowhere is there more evidence of that than at DraftKings.

On July 24th, the DFS provider and sportsbook held a “kickoff keynote” for DraftKings Reignmakers Football, their ground-breaking football product that incorporates DFS and digital cards.

DraftKings Reignmakers Football is entering its second year, offering players a unique and engaging experience that makes it more fun to be a fan.

The keynote event was hosted by the DraftKing Network’s Chirag Hira and Nick Friar. It also featured a surprise appearance from Matt Kalish, DraftKings co-founder and President of DraftKings North America who was grateful for DraftKings customers and how they have moved the product forward.

“I just want to say thanks again to our customers and our hard-working team for making Reignmakers continue to develop in such an impressive manner. I can not wait for this season and to get it going.”

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As mentioned, DraftKings is a sports product that melds the world of daily fantasy sports and sports trading cards, more specifically NFTs.

Like daily fantasy sports, you can use the cards that you accumulate to enter DraftKings Reignmakers NFL contests. However, unlike normal DFS, you will only be able to “draft” players that you have cards for and your cards can increase in value as well. This adds an interesting twist in not only playing contests but in collecting digital cards.

You can acquire DraftKings Reignmaker Football cards in a variety of ways including purchasing cards in the store, pack drops, bidding on cards in auctions and winning cards on Reignmaker contests.

DraftKings improvements and enhancements

With a year of experience under its belt, DraftKings is signaling that Reignmakers Football will be better even better than ever. DraftKings emphasized during the keynote that customer feedback and the DraftKings community played a vital part in forming its improvements and enhancements.

Highlights of DraftKings Reignmakers Football for 2023 mentioned during the keynote include the following:

  • New pack designs with improved design and better utility
  • New tools
  • General product improvements including a bulk lineup tool
  • 2023 Field Passes
  • The ability to make offers on collectibles and packs
  • Over 30 million in prizes – includes $22.4 million in 2023 Collect GPP Prizing, $3.4 in special events, $1 in DFS satellite contests, a $1 million RB Football World Championship and $2.2 in 2022 Collection Contests, distributed across tiers.

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Other DraftKings Reignmakers topics discussed

Throughout the hour-long plus keynote, which included a question and answer session,

Big news as it relates to the Franchise Score leaderboard – DraftKings is working on a solution that would allow Franchise Score to be more useful to players with frequent updates, ideally one that is automated and simplified. This feature is expected to go live towards the beginning of the NFL season with updates every 2 hours or so and will include a much better user experience.

Through the Franchise Score, DraftKings Reignmaker Football users can win a share of over $2 million in prizes with collection-based reward snapshots. A Franchise Score attribute will also be added to every card.

Here is how the Reignmakers Football leaderboard is going to shake out with leaderboards for overall ranking and featured drops.

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Reignmaker Football Kickoff Franchise Score

Other features that were highlighted included an improved Player Page, which should make the process easier to use and view player stats to enhance the shopping experience. There will also be other improvements added the Players Page that will include, among other things, the ability for a user to more easily see which player cards they own.

Use for 2022 cards

2022 DraftKings Reignmaker cards will be a big part of the overall package at DraftKings Reignmakers with $2.2 in prizes allocated to last year’s cards, the equivalent of $100k a week in prizes.

Reignmakers Football World Championship will again be part of the 2023 schedule. As many as 40 qualifier contests will be offered throughout the season that players can enter to qualify for the Reignmakers Football World Championship. A location has not yet been announced.

Other contests

The DraftKings Reignmakers Football contest schedule will be vast during the 2023 Season.

Examples of special events include Holiday contests and special sets. Various types of contests include single-entry, deeper payout style contests, smaller entries, and bankroll booster-style contests.

The first monthly Snapshot will be August 10th and will be a $150,000 prize pool. DraftKings noted that the Weekly Drive is being removed but the prizes will be reallocated in other areas.

In addition to the 2022 and 2023 card contests, other contest types include Deep Roster, Classic and Showdown. Among the payout changes include how prizes are distributed at the Elite, Legendary and Reignmaker, with a flatter prize structure.

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There will be three main sets for 2023 DraftKings Reignmaker Football and will include Play Action, Rush and Air it Out. Cards from those sets can be obtained through pack drops, auctions, DFS contests riping.

Here is how they break down between Headline Sets. The sets will be staggered throughout the first part of the NLF season,

reignmaker headline sets

In addition to the Headline sets, 2023 Reignmakers Football has the following four “side sets.”

Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated parts of the keynote were details on 2023 Field Pass.

For a price, DraftKings Reignmaker Football Field Pass owners can receive a variety of perks and benefits during the season, depending on the tier. Benefits include a rebate on all Primary 2023 Reignmaker Purchases of 2%-10%, preferential access for drops, a flat franchise score point bonus and a crowns/tier credit boost on purchases.

As detailed on the keynote, “Field Pass holders will receive a top tier player with that player card’s rarity dependent on the tier of the Field Pass health. Field Pass owners will also have preferred access to premium drop and rebates on primary pack drops.”

Field Passes are only available for a limited time.

One thing is clear about 2023 DraftKings Reignmaker Football this season. It will be better than ever.

Rather than a drastic difference from 2022, DraftKings Reignmaker Football makes some key incremental improvements for 2023 in a variety of areas that look to go a long way toward enhancing the experience for Reignmaker Football players.

With a year under its belt and an apparent genuine desire to listen to customers’ feedback, it seems apparent that Reignmaker Football has a bright future and fans of the product are in for a treat.

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