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ChainWars Is Creating More Utility for Its Native Token for Sustainability

Pannderden, Netherlands, July 7, 2022 — ChainWars is a space-themed, blockchain driven, digital collectible card game (DCCG) that allows players to collect, connect and play to earn. The project was founded in June 2021 and has since achieved several milestones and attracted several partnerships. The main goal of the game is for players to get and select a strong, diverse deck of cards so they can compete with the best players in the game.

Gamers can apply their strategic choices before they even enter a game by mindfully picking their deck and using quick thinking to win the game. The best strategy for a gamer is to keep their taunts alive so the enemy cannot get to their hero card, or make strategic sacrifices to beat their opponent before he can get to them.

ChainWars’ Tokenomics Model for Sustainability

There are already many play-to-earn games in the blockchain space currently. This calls for innovative ideas from new entrants in order to make a mark and attract players. In an effort to be different, ChainWars sought out the challenges that have slowed down the growth of similar projects and one of them was an unhealthy token model.

An unhealthy token model leads to an ever-increasing circulation supply and an unhealthy ecosystem. In many cases, the cause of increasing circulation supply, coupled with the corresponding price inflation, is a lack of utility in the token. For this reason, ChainWars has made sure its token CWE has more utility than just to collect user rewards.

Currently, CWE enables holders to use governance and the tier system, NFTs, loot boxes, season pass and tournaments. All these are features within the ecosystem that empower players to play the game, earn rewards, participate in decision making and move up the leaderboards. Additionally, the governance and tier system incentivizes players to hold CWE for more impact on the game and to amplify their play to earn experience. Season pass and tournament pass on the other hand qualifies players to compete in competitive mode and ChainWars tournaments.

The token also allows users to trade on the NFT marketplace and buy loot boxes. The NFT marketplace allows users to acquire, hold and dispose of NFTs when they like since there is a ready market already created for them.

ChainWars has created a unique recycling loop concerning the inflow and outflow of circulation supply, with an aim to maintain a suitable circulation supply for the amount of activity on the market. To maintain sustainability, ChainWars has designed the use cases and allocations of the token so that this infinite circulation loop arises. Although this is set as a community effort, it can be monitored and corrected by staff when need arises. These efforts will greatly serve the project in future, managing price inflation which has affected a lot of tokens in the industry.

Looking Forward

ChainWars has put efforts to ensure its users do not suffer the fate many others have in the recent past by creating a token with more utility. The tokenomics model for any project has been proven to dictate the growth of the token and value it offers its holders. For this reason, CWE holders can hold and trade with the token, being assured of its sustainable growth. Additionally, they can vote on important decisions and buy loot boxes or engage in tournaments, created to offer more rewards.

The innovation and gameplay created by ChainWars is worth the attention the project has attained in the last few months. Follow its promising trajectory and be among the first to learn about all its partnerships, milestones and other announcements through its social media sites below.






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