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Bravely Default II
Image: Square Enix

Bravely Default II may have started out as a Nintendo Switch exclusive when it was released earlier this year, but now, just six months later, Square Enix has announced the acclaimed RPG will be coming to Steam next week on 2nd September.

While we’ve seen this with quite a few Nintendo Switch exclusives in recent times – perhaps the major Square Enix title before this one was Octopath Traveler – which arrived on Steam in 2019. This followed with the same game’s Xbox and Xbox Game Pass launch in March this year.

Bravely Default II’s Steam release also marks the first time one of the major entries in the series has been released on another platform. Before this, the original game and Bravely Default: Second Layer were both exclusives to the Nintendo 3DS. With any luck, there’s a chance Square Enix will now consider re-releasing these older entries on modern platforms.

How do you feel about Bravely Default II being announced for Steam so soon after the exclusive Switch release? Will you be replaying it on this platform? Have you finished the game on the Switch yet? Leave a comment down below.