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September is shaping up to be an iconic month in the world of art and blockchain. Baltimore-based artist, Vinnie Hager, known for his unmistakable artistry featuring bold lines, shapes, and patterns, has announced the release of an ambitious art project titled ‘Diary’ on 7th September 2023. This project promises to be one of the year’s most inclusive art drops, captivating both traditional and digital art collectors.

“For me, drawing is the baseline of all my artwork and transitions into my daily life and habits. These 100 artworks that I’ve done over the past 7 years are so important to me because they act as a visual diary through from the really tough times, to the good times. I wanted to be able to reimagine those different eras of my life through a digital lens, having the process of this collection breathe new life and the meaning of that visual language.” – Vinnie Hager

Hager isn’t a newcomer to the NFT realm. His digital art project ‘Letters’ from 2021 amassed a staggering $10 million in trading. With ‘Diary’, he takes a different approach by tracing back his roots to the early explorations of drawing in 2016. The collection, which is available on OpenSea, will not just be digital tokens on the blockchain. Each digital artwork, priced at a considerate $86, promises uniqueness, inspired by 12 different aesthetic categories reflecting Hager’s evolution over time. What makes this venture even more unique is its physical aspect: owners can claim a tangible print of their digital purchase, and a lucky 100 will receive original Hager drawings from 2016-2023.

Hager’s seven-year artistic journey has been both transformative and emotionally charged, marked by significant personal losses. The ‘Diary’ collection symbolizes his resilience, chronicling his emotional evolution. These artworks are more than just images; they’re pages from his life. Speaking about this, Hager mentions, “Drawing acts as my visual diary from the tough to the good times. Reimagining these eras of my life through a digital perspective breathes new life into this visual language.”

Renowned for creating artwork that combines elements made of lines, shapes, symbols, and characters, Hager’s work is often reminiscent of a jigsaw puzzle. His partnerships include notable names such as Meta/Instagram, Tommy Hilfiger, TIME Magazine, OpenSea, and more.

For enthusiasts and collectors, the collection will be available exclusively on OpenSea at: Produced by Creature Labs, this 24-hour sale will commence at 2 pm EST/ 7 pm GMT on 7th September. Accompanying this release will be a short documentary, offering a deep dive into Hager’s artistic inspirations and personal journey. For more insights, one can follow Vinnie on Twitter at

TL;DR: Vinnie Hager is set to release a unique art project titled ‘Diary’ on 7th September 2023, blending physical and digital art. This collection will be available on OpenSea, with 100 lucky owners receiving an original Hager drawing from the years 2016-2023.

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