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Hello Friends,

Scary that it’s already been 2 months. I always have to go back and look at the previous posts to remember where I was the last time one of these were posted :).

First, let me thank this community for the great support and kinds words you’ve shown the project and me over the past few months. It goes further than you think to keep me motivated and passionate about this work. Updates:

  1. The first development update video was posted to our YouTube and I am almost ready to make another. Related successes: login UI and auth /w various checks, pfps, unique usernames, etc., main menu functional and smooth, settings options, friends list dev started (basic for now, harder to code than it sounds ;]), deck builder almost complete.

  2. Proper website design and dev started/ongoing – see a mock-up image below.

  3. A few more sounds tracks have been composed. I’m planning for an ~10 track album before release. The Masquerade clan has an official theme:

  4. Our team now has 8 artists. The idea to have a truly unique and diverse card art spread inspires me. I love having the flexibility of different art styles. See a snapshot of some of the Masquerade cards below. Follow our Twitter for updates on all artwork.

  5. Officially partnered with ErgoPad for blockchain-related dev. I’ve been in close communication with ErgoPad on card pack requirements to ensure everything goes well once we are ready to mint/sell.

  6. Officially partnered with a small dev studio to help me with some of the coding requirements (this is a major win as it means speed of completion will go up 2-3x, and probably be better overall since I’ll be the first to tell you I am an average coder at best).

  7. We’ve got some pretty sick new UI and video assets now, including a nice YouTube intro, new logos, etc.

  8. Funds are still in a good place (reminder this is an entirely self-funded effort with no presale of any kind).

Website Mock-up:

r/ergonauts - Blitz TCG Update #5 - Digital Trading Card Game on Ergo

The Art of Blitz (see Twitter for full size images):

r/ergonauts - Blitz TCG Update #5 - Digital Trading Card Game on Ergo

Newer Gameboard Mock-up:

r/ergonauts - Blitz TCG Update #5 - Digital Trading Card Game on Ergo

Follow the project here:

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