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Digital agency Blink Digital has launched its Web3 vertical, announcing its entry into the decentralised world, covering metaverse, NFTs and Web3 applications. The move is in line with the agency’s vision to bring brands and enhance the connectivity between brands and audiences. The agency foresees a 300% rise in its revenue with the launch of the vertical. 

The idea of bringing three-dimensional experiences had started with virtual reality (VR) devices and it has come full circle with Web3 and metaverse, Amer Ahmad, director of technology, Blink Digital, said. “Blink Digital lies at the intersection of creativity, innovation and the power of internet, so our foray into metaverse focused marketing came naturally to us. We have started working with a few brands for their NFTs and metaverse campaigns. We believe that metaverse will play a notable role in the next decade of advertising and we would like to to be ready before it becomes democratised both in terms of creation and monetisation opportunities,” he added.

The agency has launched NFT projects and metaverse activations on platforms such as OpenSea, Rarible and Decentraland, and were behind the OnePlus 10 model launch on Amazon in Decentraland. As per the agency, leveraging blockchain technology, Blink Digital has helped materialise a number of users to sell and trade NFTs. The agency has provided end-to-end services from strategy and development to deployment and promotion to brands. Additionally, the agency is working for brands to make an impact on NFTs and metaverse. 

In the last few months, Blink Digital claimed to have seen 100% growth ensuring revenue momentum from Web3 vertical. Moreover, the client has grown by 60% this year, in terms of the new mandate wins.