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Biden Camp Roasts Trump Dinner With Fans 'Suckered Into Paying' For NFT Trading Cards On Day Off From Court

President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign ridiculed ex-President Donald Trump for holding a dinner with fans “suckered into paying” thousands for NFTs instead of campaigning on his day off from court.

Trump has consistently complained about being kept from campaigning because of trials — even those he didn’t have to attend. Trump is required to attend the hush money-election interference trial, which recesses every Wednesday and on weekends.

But this Wednesday, Trump held a dinner for purchasers of his digital NFT “trading cards,” where lucky customers who dropped almost $10K to collect the entire “Mugshot” edition got a special reception and a swatch from the suit Trump wore when he was arraigned in Georgia.

The Biden-Harris campaign roasted Trump in a memo that slammed him for dining with those “suckered” fans instead of campaigning — and boasting about their own efforts:

Donald’s Day Off: Selling NFT’s of Himself, as Biden-Harris Campaign…Campaigns

While Trump Campaign Lags Behind, Biden-Harris 2024 Bolsters Battleground Staff, New $14M Media Blitz

Donald Trump is not campaigning. After whining over and over again about how he wants to be on the campaign trail, he’s not talking to voters. Not campaigning. Again.

Tonight, he’s hosting a dinner with a bunch of people suckered into paying as much as $10,000 for simple digital images of him. Anything to make a quick buck for himself.

Donald Trump can’t campaign – he doesn’t have a campaign or infrastructure to talk to voters. We think this is the wrong approach.

That’s why, today, Team Biden-Harris is announcing new investments to bolster its existing, historic efforts to reach the voters that will decide this election.

Building off the strong momentum of our “March Month of Action,” Team Biden-Harris is announcing new investments to build on our efforts to reach the voters that will decide this election. Today, we launched a new $14 million ad campaign in May including “Terminate,” which hits Trump’s attacks on the Affordable Care Act and threats to strip healthcare from millions of Americans. Since March, Team Biden-Harris has opened more than 150 coordinated offices and hired more than 400 staffers across the battlegrounds – we’re on track to open 200 offices with over 500 staff by the end of May. And, we’re deepening our organizing efforts in key constituencies while continuing to show up in communities core to the Biden-Harris coalition.

Trump’s trial resumes Thursday morning.

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