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The best VR headset offers a way for you to jump out of this reality and into your favourite gaming worlds. To do this, it needs to offer high definition visuals, comfortable viewing, and a wide range of games. With it all to play for, we’ve tested the top VR headsets from Valve, Oculus, HTC, HP, Samsung, and more to give you a definitive guide to the best VR headsets today.

There are many VR headsets vying for your attention (and cash) nowadays. A quick way to narrow it down right off the bat, however, is to choose between an entirely tethered headset or a standalone headset. Historically, us PC gamers would exclusively demand the VR headset be powered by our gaming PC, but with some standalone headsets (those that do not require a gaming PC to run) offering an optional tether, you might want to look further afield than your average PC VR set.