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NFTs have been a controversial topic ever since they were introduced, but in recent times, as more and more popular and universally adored celebs join the NFT game, awareness regarding their very real and harmful effects on our environment has skyrocketed. Bella Hadid is the newest A-lister to join the list of Hollywood NFT Stars, who is also subsequently receiving significant backlash on social media from fans who say they are disappointed in her, especially in light of her past activities as an environmental activist.

Before we go further we should first understand what NFTs are, how they impact nature, and what exactly makes them so controversial.

NFT stands for Non-fungible token. The Non-fungible in NFT simply means that the token is unique and can’t be replaced with something else. A bitcoin, for example, is fungible; trade one for another and you’ll get the same item. A one-of-a-kind trade card, on the other hand, is not fungible. You’d get something altogether different if you swapped it for a different card.

Most NFTs are, at a high level, part of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum, like bitcoin or dogecoin, is a cryptocurrency, but its blockchain also enables these NFTs, which hold extra information that allows them to function differently from, say, an ETH coin. Other blockchains, it should be noted, can implement their own forms of NFTs.

NFTs and Environment

The development of blockchain assets, including NFTs, necessitates a massive amount of computational power — and thus a massive quantity of energy. And it is therefore that some are concerned about the craze’s potential impact on the environment., a site created to measure the carbon footprint of NFTs (now defunct), found that a piece of NFT art titled ‘Coronavirus’ consumed an astonishing 192 kWh in its manufacture. That is the equivalent of two weeks’ worth of energy consumption for one European Union resident. And it was not because the NFT was particularly a large piece or anything since it is expected that a ‘simple’ NFT GIF can generate the same amount of usage.

Bella Hadid’s NFT Project

Bella Hadid recently revealed that she’s jumping into the digital world, launching her first-ever NFT collection dubbed “CY-B3LLA.”

The model took to Instagram to announce her latest project. “Say hi to CY-B3LLA,” she wrote, adding: “As we’ve been reminded too many times, the universe we live in is imperfect. But I believe this provides a true opportunity to build a metacommunity, sustained by peace, love, compassion and meaningful connections.”

According to the Hollywood icon, “CY-B3LLA” — created in partnership with reBASE — will consist of 11,111 exclusive NFTs. Each piece of digital art is a unique 3D scan of Hadid and will serve as a way for her to connect with her fans. Collectors of the NFT will gain access to an in-person meet and greet, as well as events worldwide. She explained: “That’s just the beginning. In the coming months, we’ll grow this new meta-nation with real locations and events all around the world, where I can meet each and every one of you.”

Fan Response To Bella Hadid’s NFT Project

Fans are clearly not happy with Hadid’s decision to join the NFT game, as is apparent after a brief look at the tweets below:

Fans have also flooded Hadid’s Instagram Post announcing the project with comments like, “what are you doing?”, “BELLA THIS ISN’T YOU.”, and “oh no, we lost her guys.”. That’s not all, the discord server created for this NFT Project by Bella, who has 52 MILLION followers on Instagram, has less than 900 members in 15 hours. And if you couldn’t tell, that’s really bad for a Hollywood A-lister.