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Hiroshima Dragonflies NFT is a Star Digital Collection game that supports the BSC and ETH series. It is exclusively licensed by the Japanese Professional Basketball League first-tier team (Hiroshima Dragonflies), and basketball fans can buy, sell, trade and collect digitally through the game. Unlike traditional physical printed football cards, video, image and text information related to Hiroshima Dragonflies NFT digital football cards is permanently recorded in a distributed network, and each digital football card is truly unique. NFT assets can be used for on-chain gaming or collection transactions.

In April 2021, a short video of LeBron James’ Slam Dunk was sold as an NFT card and sold for $380,000, breaking the Basketball Digital Archive’s transaction record and opening a new era of Basketball Digital Archive. The admiration and excitement of the basketball competition, the combination of the non-fungible token NFT and the Star Card, complements the unparalleled achievement of fans in the collection of Star peripheral products, as well as meeting the needs of application scenarios and tradable liquidity. Of the collection

As the popularity of NFTs continues to grow, the prices of many NFT collectibles have risen sharply. Currently, the sports NFT collectibles market is hot again, and fans also have a high degree of recognition for the value of such cards. Hiroshima Dragonflies will be launched soon. NFTs have attracted a lot of attention. It supports multi-chain transactions while supporting credit card payments, rendering the blockchain ineffective and lowering the limit for fans to participate. In addition, it will integrate more playability of blind box and on-chain games based on scarcity, and provide a secondary trading market to improve the liquidity of NFTs. Not only would collectors own NFT cards of their favorite stars, but they could also inadvertently set up the project to bring in dividends hundreds of times quicker.

Hiroshima Dragonflies NFT hasn’t opened registration yet, but we learned from Project Public Relations that the current website code, smart contracts and other security elements have successfully passed Fairyproof’s (a blockchain security audit company) full review, and its Expected to officially launch at the end of June (or earlier), the fascinating thing about this project is that the licensed release of Hiroshima Dragonflies is just the beginning, and their development road map is exciting. It is reported that the project will continue to offer NFT distribution rights to other Japanese first-tier teams as well as the Japan Professional Basketball League. , and integrate all of the above first-class basketball teams, leagues and sold NFT assets, and sell Japanese basketball coins. The scale of the platform and the number of users will grow exponentially with the addition of teams and leagues. On the grounds that limited edition NFTs will not be issued additionally. The initial dividends brought in by the platform are huge.

There are several reasons why the Hiroshima Dragonflies NFT project has attracted market attention. The Southeast Asian market lacks a Digital Star card collection game and trading platform, bringing great collecting and entertainment experiences to fans and fans of the NFT collection sentiment, while satisfying their sense of accomplishment in trading is a tough demand.

Hiroshima Dragonflies NFT supports multi-chain, multi-wallet transactions, high performance and low handling fee, and also considers the limit problem of buying NFT transactions, supports payment by credit card, allows you to learn about blockchain No knowledge in the field is required or crypto investment will be convenient to buy or trade your favorite NFT collection. Furthermore, Hiroshima Dragonflies will maintain a balance of supply and demand in the NFT market. All NFT chains authorized to be mined will be sold in limited quantities in order to control the supply of NFT collections in the market and ensure the unique features and collection value of each NFT.

Hiroshima Dragonflies NFT Official Website Function Introduction:

official website:

1. Home Page

Player provides starter pack on the right, market place secondary trading on the left for buying NFTs) UI background can be adjusted as per user preference (such as one-click switching background color)

2. Club Profile and Club History Column

This section is a section for updating the team’s club history and player stories, to help users understand the past and future development of the stars.

3. NFT Pack Purchase Column

Users can place order to buy two types of NFT packs, click on this section to buy.

4. Marketplace Column

NFT maintains a platform for users to trade freely, providing users with NFT secondary market transactions.

5. Community Pillar

A platform for user communication, other users can view user’s NFT collection status and sales status by clicking on user’s avatar.

6. Blog Section

This column will feature the latest game information on basketball teams and players’ scores, as well as collaboration news between Project Party and major leading companies.

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