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  1. Pepe has grown 90%+ in the past week as crypto whales start accumulating the coin.
  2. NuggetRush is all set to become the next big coin in the industry with its P2E gaming feature.
  3. $150K worth of NUGX tokens already sold out in the first presale round.

Wow, did you see that? Pepe just skyrocketed with a 90%+ rally in the past week! It’s clear that investors are not taking meme coins as jokes anymore; they’re making serious money. But, if you missed investing in Pepe, don’t sweat it. There’s another altcoin called NuggetRush (NUGX) stepping up.

Why is it worth your attention? First off, it’s not just a meme coin. NuggetRush mixes fun with real value, thanks to its play-to-earn model. Yeah, you heard us right. You can play a game and earn real money. So while Pepe had us all talking, NUGX could be the next best altcoin to invest in. It’s a fun way to grow your digital wallet.

Let’s find out more about how these meme coins are making it fun and easy to earn real money.

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Why Pepe Meme Coin is Skyrocketing This Week

You might’ve also heard that the Pepe coin is nearly 90% up this week. So, what’s fueling this ride? Let’s find it out.

First up, Bitcoin’s doing well, and when the godfather of crypto smiles, the whole family benefits. It’s like a standard benchmark for other coins, including top altcoins like Pepe. When Bitcoin price goes up, it kind of gives the green light for other stable coins to grow. So, if Bitcoin is booming, you can expect that Pepe isn’t far behind.

But that’s not the only reason. Pepe’s community is also making it grow. A strong community isn’t just for show; it drives long-term value. People are talking, trading, and even creating Pepe-inspired artwork.

Don’t forget about the crypto whales. These are the big players who buy up huge amounts of coins. There has been a hefty investment in Pepe from these whales in October 2023. When whales start accumulating, it often means a price jump is coming.

Lastly, let’s talk about market interest. Meme coins are hot right now. Just look at the numbers; Pepe alone has risen by about 40%. People are paying attention, and when people pay attention, prices go up. Therefore, it is the top crypto coin to buy this month.

NuggetRush is The Future Meme Coin That’s Set to Go Big

NuggetRush (NUGX) has its own P2E game where you dig for virtual gold, build up your team, and cash in with their native token called NUGX. It’s the best crypto investment that offers gaming with financial benefits.

Another important feature it provides is NFT staking. Imagine you have a digital collectible, like a rare trading card, and you can “stake” it. It’s like putting it in a savings account, except you earn interest in the form of more tokens. NuggetRush lets you stake your unique NFTs and rake in the rewards.

It is a top ICO that has already raised $150K in the presale. That’s a strong start, and it shows people are betting big on this coin’s future. Early investors can buy the tokens at a discounted price of $0.01 which is going to increase 100% upon launch.

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As Pepe enjoys a 40% uptick, it’s clear meme coins aren’t just a passing wave. But let’s not get stuck in the past; the future has some exciting crypto coins too. NuggetRush is a very strong contender for the best altcoin to buy this month.

With its P2E gaming model and NFT staking, it’s shaping up to be the next big meme coin. So if you’re wondering what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in, consider NuggetRush. Don’t miss out!

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