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Zug, May 23, 2024 

“With the first edition of The Digital Art Mile, we aim to make digital art accessible to a broad  audience. The educational aspect of our conference program is particularly important to us. We  distinguish ourselves from other fairs and conferences by delivering content and context  through our curatorial program, contributing to the canonization of digital art history. As a  boutique fair, we focus on depth rather than the spectacle of entertainment economy.” 

says Georg Bak, Artistic Director of The Digital Art Mile.

From June 10 to 16, ArtMeta introduces The Digital Art Mile, a new digital art fair format in Basel.  At various exhibition venues along Rebgasse, in close proximity to Art Basel, internationally  renowned galleries and NFT platforms will showcase contemporary and historical digital art.

Exhibitors at the first Digital Art Mile include Objkt, fx(hash), Fellowship, MakersPlace, Cinello,  RCM Galerie, ArtXCode, Office Impart, TAEX, Danae, Sigg Art Foundation, and Blackdove.

The Tezos Foundation presents two leading platforms across its ecosystem – Objkt and  fx(hash), which explore physical manifestations of digital art by creating a dialogue and  experiential journey through their groundbreaking curation.

The Swiss platform Objkt presents the exhibition “Matter & Data”, featuring works by 17  international artists. With Analivia Cordeiro, the Brazilian inventor of cybernetic choreography,  Objkt will present an interactive installation allowing visitors to transform their movement  patterns into generative NFTs on the Tezos blockchain. Other artists presented at the booth  include Regina, Silveira, Auriea Harvey, ThankYouX, Oona, Leander Herzog, Zancan and Qubibi.

Generative art platform fx(hash) presents curation of code-based artworks showcasing cultural  and technological ties between digital and physical formats and offers to rethink them in  relation to contemporary and historic urgencies. In cooperation with OFFICE IMPART, the  platform releases a new project by Swedish artist Jonas Lund ‘Bit Operations’ – a visual  exploration of computer fundamentals through bit-shifting operations. It will feature a long-form  generative collection accessible for collectors online via fx(hash) alongside curated limited  edition physical pieces paired with generative output presented at the fair.

Fellowship occupies an area of over 300 square meters and presents a groundbreaking overview  of the evolution of artificial intelligence in recent art history. The exhibition “Collaborations with  the Artificial Self” honors Harold Cohen, the founding father of artificial intelligence in art, and  displays the only self-portrait ever created by his painting machine “Aaron”. The first works  prompted in 2015 by the AlignDraw algorithm of Elman Mansinov, the inventor of the text-to image AI, were the forerunners to DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. Works by other artists such as  Botto, Mario Klingemann, Helena Sarin, and Robbie Barrat illustrate how rapidly this celebrated  technology has transformed the digital art landscape over the past decade.

MakersPlace is presenting artworks by the Swiss artist Eko33 and the renowned artist duo  Operator and also show their new documentary film. TAEX is featuring a solo booth with Krista  Kim and RCM Galerie is showcasing a selection of computer art pioneers from 1960s.

In addition to the exhibitions at Rebgasse 25 and 31, a diverse conference program is scheduled daily at the Kult.Kino Camera. Topics such as generative art, blockchain as a medium of art, and  the adoption of Web3 technology by museums cover a wide spectrum of the digital evolution of  our time.

The European premiere of the documentary film “What the Punk!” is a highlight of the week, embedded in a conference program organized by Yuga Labs and Rug Radio. This film tells the  incredible story of two Canadian software programmers, Matt Hall and John Watkinson, who  conquered the world with Cryptopunks and initiated a new cultural movement.

The Creators

The Digital Art Mile was initiated by Georg Bak and Roger Haas, two leading experts in the field of  digital art and web3. Georg Bak is renowned for his groundbreaking work in exhibiting digital art,  NFTs, and generative photography, being one of the pioneers in the evolution of the NFT market.

Roger Haas, founder of ArtMeta and a pioneer in the field of the Metaverse, has consistently  advanced the connection between art and digital technology. Their dynamic collaboration  combines years of expertise with innovative thinking, continually shaping the development of  the digital art field.

Visitor Information: 

Space 25 

Digital Art Fair
Monday, 10th June – Saturday, 15th June, 12:00 – 20:00
Sunday, 16th June, 12:00 – 20:00
Vernissage: Monday 10th June, from 12:00
Rebgasse 25, Basel
Free entrance

Space 31 

Digital Art Fair
Monday, 10th June – Saturday, 15th June, 12:00 – 20:00
Sunday, 16th June, 12:00 – 20:00
Vernissage: Monday 10th June, from 12:00
Rebgasse 23, 4th floor Basel
Free entrance

Kult.Kino Camera 

Conference Program
Tuesday, 11th June – Saturday, 15th June, 09:30 – 13:30
Rebgasse 1, Basel

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