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  • Discovery sells 23 digital puppy collectibles as part of the annual Puppy Bowl.
  • Each collectible is an “adorable” card, the cable TV giant said.
  • The Puppy Bowl has been broadcast before the Super Bowl since 2005 as a way to showcase adoptable dogs.
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Even the puppies are into crypto. In honor of this year’s Puppy Bowl, the cute competition that airs annually in conjunction with the NFL Super Bowl, Discovery Communications is selling 23 exclusive digital collectibles known as NFTs that Ariana Grande endorses.

Each Puppy Bowl NFT will “feature unique and adorable trading cards that range in price and rarity,” the cable TV network said in a press release about the drop.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale will benefit an animal rescue organization called Orange Twins Rescue, founded by singer Ariana Grande and brothers Scott and Brian Nicholson, Discovery said. The company owns the Animal Planet channel that airs the show.

An NFT, short for Non-Fungible Token, is like a digital business card minted on the blockchain. The digital collectibles market soared in 2021 with an estimate showing sales topping $41 billion amid a flurry of new entrants and unique deals; like the $69 million sale of Beeple’s “Everydays.”

Singer Ariana Grande Supports Puppy Rescue With NFT Sale

The Puppy Bowl has been broadcast since 2005 as a way to showcase puppies for adoption; as well as the rescues and shelters that house them. For this year’s Puppy Bowl XVIII, Discovery said 100 adoptable dogs from 33 states donned their bandanas for “Team Ruff” or “Team Fluff,” ahead of the Super Bowl telecast.

Each week leading up to the bowls, Discovery will release new NFTs, featuring the cub team captains and starting lineups.

And no, the value of NFTs is not based on meme dog cryptocurrencies like dogecoin or shiba inu. On the Chronicle auction site, NFTs sell for between $20 and $100. Digital collectibles are based on the proof of stake system which has a smaller carbon footprint than proof of work

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