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  • It was learned that each Puppy Bowl NFT “will feature unique and adorable trading cards that vary in price and rarity.”

  • Discovery revealed that a portion of the proceeds will benefit an animal rescue organization Orange Twins Rescue.

  • This is the company that owns the Animal Planet channel, which airs the show, noted for this year’s Puppy Bowl XVIII.

New technologies continue to become the focus of many businesses and initiatives in the world. Recently an initiative with the popular non-fungible token or better known by its acronym (NFT), where pet rescue enters cryptography with exclusive digital collectibles supported by singer Ariana Grande.

According to Statista data, from April 12, 2021 to February 15, 2022, the total value of non-fungible token (NFT) sales in the art segment fluctuated significantly.

Likewise, the statistics platform indicates that as of April 12, 2021, the sales of NFTs registered in the Ethereum blockchain during the previous 30 days generated an added value of almost 64 million US dollars. As of February 15, 2022, the aggregate sales value for 30 days amounted to approximately 87 million US dollars.

Let us remember that non-fungible tokens are unique digital goods that are stored on the blockchain. They are mainly used in the art market to prove the authenticity of digital works of art. While digital works of art can be shared online indefinitely, digital art in the form of NFTs becomes a unique asset. The process of converting a digital file into an NFT is called minting, while the art created through this process is often referred to as crypto art.

Puppy Bowl NFT Collectibles

Discovery Communications sells 23 NFT-exclusive Puppy Bowl digital collectibles that Ariana Grande supports. It was learned that each Puppy Bowl NFT “will feature unique and adorable trading cards that range in price and rarity,” he said in a press release.

Discovery also announced that a portion of the proceeds from the sale will benefit an animal rescue organization called Orange Twins Rescue, founded by singer Ariana Grande and brothers Scott and Brian Nicholson.

Discovery, which is the company that owns the Animal Planet channel that broadcasts the show, noted that for this year’s Puppy Bowl XVIII, 100 adoptable dogs from 33 states donned their bandanas for “Team Ruff” or “Team Fluff,” before the Super Bowl telecast.

He also disclosed that the The value of these NFTs is not based on meme dog cryptocurrencies like dogecoin or shiba inu.

That’s why on the Chronicle auction site, NFTs sell for between $20 and $100. As the firm also points out that digital collectibles are based on the proof-of-stake system which has a smaller carbon footprint than proof of work.

The Puppy Bowl turns the sport of football into one of the cutest things ever. It is about an American Football game in which small dog puppies for adoption compete. This year, 67 dogs from shelters and protectors from 33 states played in the game, which is broadcast by Animal Planet and Discovery Plus in the United States.

“More important than that, even: Shelters and rescue centers where the dogs come from are reporting an increase in adoptions. So that’s what’s great about this: the spirit of the Puppy Bowl continues even when it’s over.”said Dan Schachner, the professional referee who has refereed this game for 11 years.

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