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The cryptocurrency space is a dynamic environment. Coins that are hot during one month can quickly drop out of sight the following month, and that’s why it’s important to keep track of the crypto space. This is especially true in September, which is historically not a good month for beginner cryptocurrency trading.

Nonetheless, we picked the best altcoins to invest in—SAND, ALGO, and QUBE. Which of these coins will do well next month? Find out in this article.

The Sandbox (SAND): A Decentralized Metaverse Platform 

A decentralized digital real estate platform, The Sandbox will be familiar to Roblox and Minecraft fans with its 3D blocky aesthetic. Users can make and share user-generated content, such as characters, while purchasing digital real estate plots called LAND and using them in various ways. 

Investors in this project range from average crypto traders to celebrities and large companies. For instance, Warner Music has designed a virtual, musical amusement park that supporters can experience and visit. Other giant names who purchased and used digital real estate include Adidas, Atari,  Gucci, and Snoop Dogg.

The native token of The Sandbox is SAND, which is used within the metaverse for governance and staking. It also serves as the currency for the virtual world, enabling users to purchase LAND and other assets. 

The current altcoin price of the SAND token is around $0.31 as of this writing, but this could increase to $0.7956 with the project’s updates, which include game maker and liquidity mining. However, if this doesn’t happen, SAND’s value could sink to $0.39 by the end of Q3. The coin’s price could settle at an average of $0.599 if the digital asset continues to trade as usual without any significant swings. These mean that this September, SAND may be a good buy, but caution is still advised.

Algorand (ALGO): The New-Generation Blockchain Platform

One of the exciting altcoins to buy this year is ALGO. This is the native currency of Algorand, a blockchain platform founded by Stanford professor Silvio Micali. Algorand is considered “new-generation” because of its consensus algorithm that uses pure proof-of-stake, effectively addressing issues with scalability and security that traditional blockchains face. This approach ideally leads to more efficient transactions and higher throughput.

Despite its intention to provide security and decentralization with innovative technology, the ALGO coin price has seen a serious decline since its September 2021 high of $2.99. Based on the recent data collected, its current price is around $0.10 – with the figure being higher or lower depending on the source and time of day. ALGO’s current circulating supply is 7.8 billion coins, which may result in a decrease in value over time – not necessarily a good thing for investors.

For September, analysts’ predictions for ALGO are mixed, but most lean on bearish. It’s said that if ALGO is able to climb to $0.11, it could potentially double its value in the near future. However, if the downward trend continues, its price may drop by as much as 25%. It may be a good idea to wait for the right moment before investing in this coin. 

InQubeta (QUBE): The Newest Player in the Crypto Space

Unlike SAND and ALGO, QUBE is one of the top DeFi coins anticipated to enjoy massive price surges not only this September but throughout the year. Despite being one of the newest players in the cryptocurrency space, its platform, InQubeta, has attracted considerable attention and support. One proof of this is the fact that its pre-sale has already raised more than $2.4 million and sold nearly 300 million tokens. These numbers are expected to continue to increase as the pre-sale progresses and especially after the platform’s launch. Early investors are already enjoying the benefits of their investment because they’re able to buy the token at a lower price than what it will be worth after the sale is over.

InQubeta is a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform that provides AI start-ups with a way to fund their businesses using a decentralized NFT marketplace. This is possible through the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent the equity of each startup. These NFTs are fractionalized and listed on the marketplace, where users can buy them with their QUBE tokens. Owning a part of a company’s NFT is equivalent to owning a share in that start-up.

InQubeta’s unique approach to investing has ignited massive interest in the crypto and AI communities, as both stand to benefit from the project. Investors looking for the best cryptocurrency to buy now have a viable option in QUBE, which is on a bullish run. Meanwhile, through the platform, AI start-ups will have the ability to raise capital from various sources without the need for backing from venture capitalists or angel investors. They can also connect with their supporters through the InQubeta platform.

QUBE will definitely remain one of the best crypto to invest in this September because its rise in value is expected to continue. If you’re interested in this project, you can keep abreast of its development by following its Twitter account or joining its communities.

In Summary

The mainly bearish trend of SAND and ALGO largely implies that these aren’t going to experience a surge in their altcoin price this September. Meanwhile, with the exceptional showing of InQubeta – in particular the success of its token presale – it looks like QUBE is set to continue its bullish run throughout the same month. This means that among the three, the best cryptocurrency to invest in now is QUBE.

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