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Cross The Ages is an upcoming trading card game built on Polygon. It has very first of a kind digital to physical cards transformation procedure that permits a participant to change electronic NFT cards into actual physical NFC cards. Examine on to learn more about the Cross The Ages, its staff, roadmap, and the just lately launched Runner mini-video game.

Cross The Ages is a science fiction fantasy electronic NFT card activity impressed by the book sequence of the identical title. The recreation has an exceptional principle of changing digital cards into physical types, therefore producing a unique expertise in merging the electronic and bodily worlds. The game aims to make it possible for gamers to maintain digital belongings and bring them to everyday living. Their vision is to launch a collection of online games under the Cross The Ages universe and create an ecosystem exactly where anybody can get accessibility to the match and start off collecting cards.

In this NFT trading card sport, gamers confront off in extreme flip-primarily based duel matches. Each and every match has a duration of an common of 5 minutes. The game’s aim is to conquer and command the maximum region with the battle arena. Just about every recreation starts with both of those gamers owning 20 electronic cards. 10 cards are randomly chosen to variety the player’s deck, and the fight starts off.

How Cross The Ages is distinct from other trading card game titles?

Cross The Ages is a no cost-to-participate in trading card video game that allows any one with a phone or desktop to enter the CTA multiverse and commence collecting electronic cards. Cross The Ages is the only card match that allows a whole value chain cycle from digital playing cards on the telephone via NFTs on a blockchain to physical cards in the real earth with NFC (In the vicinity of Subject Communication). The game’s quests, issues, and benefits incentivization approach is intended in such a way that gamers will profit from the sport, and player retention will improve exponentially.

How will bodily and electronic playing cards be dispersed and traded?

For distributing physical playing cards, Cross The Ages has partnered with Cardmarket – The biggest marketplace for bodily playing cards. Each and every card will have NFC to defend it from counterfeit. The NFC makes sure authenticity, offers the background of the asset via transparent traceability and assures the human being in possession of the card is the rightful proprietor.

The electronic playing cards will be minted and traded on marketplaces this kind of as OpenSea as well as the interior market. The interior market will charge minimal gasoline expenses as the match is created on Polygon blockchain.

Cross The Ages Tokens

CTA Token: CTA Token is a utility token required for on-chain actions in Cross The Ages. It also presents special accessibility to tournaments, unique articles, and precious NFTs in the CTA universe. CTA tokens are needed to mint and merge NFTs and print NFTs into physical NFT playing cards. The holders of CTA tokens also have voting energy in the CTA metaverse. The tokens are needed to take part in Guild tournaments and competitions.

Gold Token: The Gold token is an in-game token and “soft forex.” The Gold token enables merging in-video game digital playing cards and is “off-chain,” consequently not tradable.

Crystal Token: Crystal tokens are also “soft currency” and can be earned within the game. Crystals are applied for shopping for card packs, skins, unlocking booster packs, and minting cards. Crystals can be exchanged with CTA tokens at the video game marketplace.

The Team at the rear of Cross The Ages

More than 170 persons from distinctive fields ranging from administration, technological know-how, and design and style are engaged in developing the Cross The Ages system. CTA partnered with additional than 60 illustrators worldwide who are excellent in their fields to build this spectacular universe. There are also 14 writers and script medical doctors who helped in the required fields.

There are 75 intercontinental artists on the staff who have labored on Star Wars, Marvel, Activity of Thrones, and DC comics. Sami Chlagou is the CEO and Co-founder of the activity, and Christophe de Courson is the Chairman and Co-Founder.

Cross The Ages Game Development Team


  • Early Obtain to the Match: June 2022
  • Basic Accessibility: July 2022
  • E-Sports activities Level of competition: August 2022
  • Second Time of the Playing cards: December 2022
  • 2nd Novel: Feb 2023
  • Metaverse V1: June 2023

About TCG Runner Activity

The Cross The Ages developer crew has introduced a mini-game inside the Cross The Ages universe called the “TCG Runner” match. TCG Runner is a pixel art runner recreation in which you participate in as an in-video game character with a motive to soar and stay away from road blocks to gain bonuses.

TCG Runner is an infinite pixel art runner activity like the “Temple Run” or “Subway Surfer” online games and arrives with seven people from the Cross The Ages universe. It is equally challenging and interesting. There are a complete of 7 people in the game, and these figures have elemental affinity: hearth, drinking water, nature, light-weight, air, and darkness. The match has no stop, but the issues improves as playtime boosts. The sport also finishes instantly if you are not able to prevail over an impediment.

Cross The Ages builders have introduced only the Phase 1 gameplay at the moment. Phase 2 and 3 gameplay capabilities will be launched before long. A player will have to initial decide on a character from a set of 7 readily available figures. The recreation has a prime view, and the character will be at the bottom of the monitor. The score and gauge will be exhibited in the upper left corner of the screen, and the length traveled will be shown in the upper correct corner. A participant requirements to stay clear of all hurdles and obtain bonuses in this in no way-ending activity. The for a longer period you endure, the more bonuses you can collect.

TCG Runner Cross The Ages Mini Game

What is Cross The Ages?

Cross The Ages is a metaverse wherever electronic artists, players, and developers develop new towns and produce online games inside of the CTA universe. Players can get paid NFTs through adventures and can also make authentic-world collectibles. The Cross The Ages universe has two worlds that share the one continent of Artellium. The Arkhante continent is to the west and city-continent Mantris to the east. Cross The Ages can be believed of much more exactly as a dystopia. The very first time will feature 365 playing cards of Arkhante and Mantris with rarities ranging from Popular, Unusual, Uncommon, Tremendous Rare, Unique and Exceptional. The mission of CTA is to enable avid gamers to receive valuable NFTs, lend the in-activity property, and stake CTA tokens.

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