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NFL star Patrick Mahomes, who holds a $500,000,000+ contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, is diving deep into a market that is believed to be on a downtrend. The Chiefs QB recently announced his plans to release 1,500 NFTs through his platform ‘Museum of Mahomes’ which just launched a new collection. Mahomes had started exploring the NFT space back in 2021.

Mahomes has developed a knack for turning unfavorable situations into victories. Applying a similar mentality to the NFT space, Mahomes is trying to bring about a resurgence for his ‘House of Mahomes’ tokens in the digital space. His commitment to exploring new opportunities is exemplary as fellow celebrities have recently shied away from crypto and digital tokens.

Patrick Mahomes Has Been ‘Azuki-fied’

The superstar quarterback recently unveiled his collaboration with Azuki, a move that has left NFT enthusiasts buzzing. Apparently, Mahomes has been ‘Azuki-fied’. Now, his image is transformed into an exclusive limited edition trading card, a signature feature of Azuki’s anime-styled NFT brand.

This one-of-a-kind card is set to shine in a series of NFTs crafted through the partnership between Azuki and the Museum of Mahomes. The platform is gearing up to drop 15,000 NFTs in the coming month. The alliance of Mahomes-Azuki has arrived at an intriguing juncture for both entities. Mahomes is enjoying an unprecedented surge of mainstream recognition following his exploits in the 2022 NFL season.

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Coming to the Azuki platform, it’s safe to say that the platform is currently battling for its existence. CoinGecko data reveals that the floor prices of Azuki have seen a 79% drop over the last two months. Amid tough times, Azuki would be thrilled that Mahomes has joined forces with them.

Can ‘Museum of Mahomes’ Revive the Dying Market?

The Kansas City Chief QB has dived right into the digital world with his innovative project named – ‘Museum Of Mahomes’. This endeavor has enabled his massive fanbase to possess digital renditions of Mahomes’ finest moments. The ‘Museum of Mahomes’ has captivating digital collectibles. While this might seem like uncharted territory for the NFL superstar, it’s worth noting that Mahomes has ventured into the digital sphere before.

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In 2021, when the crypto markets were soaring and the NFT popularity was at an all-time high, the NFL MVP made an impressive $3.7 million with his own series of digital collectibles. However, even Patrick Mahomes couldn’t escape the fraudulent side of the digital space. In one instance, his endorsement of VirtualStax, an NFT trading card brand, faced allegations of fraud and misleading investors. As a matter of fact, VirtualStax projected ambitious revenue projections before failing miserably.

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Even though the market is laden with inflated partnerships and false promises, with ‘Museum of Mahomes,’ the Chiefs QB has tried to give some legitimacy to the NFT world. His incredible digital collection is shaping up to be another intriguing chapter in his venture into the crypto universe.