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The continuous evolution of the NFT industry offers new and exciting ways for sports enthusiasts to show their love for sports. The sports cards are digital collectibles using blockchain to offer secure and transparent ownership and trading. The upcoming NFTs that are ready to boom in the sports sector are as follows:     

NBA Top Shot

The NBA Top Shot project was developed by NBA in partnership with Dapper Labs. The platform offers a digital collectible. It offers basketball fans to purchase, trade, and own video highlights from the NBA. The videos are stored on the Ethereum Blockchain and have the capability to alter the traditional sports collectibles market. In the year 2021, the project was at its peak, and sales topped around $432 Million. Unique collectibles, easy trading, and a high level of verification and authentication boosted the sporting experience of basketball fans.           


Launched in 2018, Sorare is another highlighted name in the NFT sports arena. The platform is developed over the Ethereum Blockchain, offering the collection and trading of unique digital collectibles featuring players from soccer clubs. It is among the successful games that used tokens in a successive manner and offered true ownership of in-game assets. Accessibility to unique digital collectibles, a secure way for trading, and effective use in online games and tournaments boost the value of the platform. was introduced by NFL legend Tom Brady in the year 2021. The platform was introduced to allow users to buy and trade limited editions of sports digital cards that are signed by popular athletes like Devin Booker, Tiger Woods, Coco Gauff, Tom Brady, etc. The platform simply connects blockchain technology with the real sports community and offers rewards to the passionate fan base. Offering rare tokens at low prices is one of the unique features of       

NFL All Day

NFL All Day is a platform that combines sports with Web3 to boost the excitement and experience of sports enthusiasts. The platform was developed by Dapper Labs in 2022 to attract football lovers to blockchain technology. At the initial stage, the platform broke records by selling NFTs at $30,000 showing the growth potential of the platform in the near future. The platform is officially licensed and offers digital collectibles at affordable prices making the platform more attractive to football fans.  

Zed Run

Individuals interested in horse racing can look for the Zed Run platform. It is a platform that offers users to trade, purchase, breed, and race virtual horses over the blockchain platform. The Zed Run platform was launched in 2019 and developed a strong position among racing enthusiasts. The game is simple and easy to operate and rewards the players with success in horse racing.   


NFTs are playing a major role in bridging the gap between blockchain technology and sports. NBA Top Shot, Sorare, Zed Run, NFL All Day, and are some major platforms of blockchain technology offering outstanding sport experiences to users.   

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