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Over the last two years, non-fungible tokens have become the talk of the town. The Bored Ape Yacht Club, for example, is a popular collection piece that has sold for millions of dollars. The masses are flocking to the NFT business because of the hype around these high-value items, but which are the best NFTs to invest in, given their present worth and prices?

Let’s take a look at the 10 top NFTs today as per total sales in the last 24 hours, as ranked by Dappradar, with NBA Top Shot remaining at the top.

These 10 top NFT collection lists will assist you in making informed decisions about your long-term and short-term investments, and buy the ideal one in the NFT marketplace.

10 Top Selling NFTs in the Last 24 Hrs

TOp 10 NFT Dappradar

Top 10 NFT Collections Listed by Sales Volume – DapRaddar Ranking

1. NBA Top Shot

The most selling NFT in the last 24 hours is NBA Top Shot. It is a first-of-its-kind collectible game that allows players to collect, trade, and sell digital tokens representing their favorite NBA highlights. These highlights can be gathered to accomplish timed tasks, displayed in showcases, and finally carried over into the next game.

As part of their ongoing “Anthology” package, NBA Top Shot has announced the production of limited-edition NFTs commemorating Magic Johnson’s best moments. The collectible, fully sanctioned NBA NFTs include Johnson for the first time.

NBA Top Shot NFTs

The first drop will be available on June 7, according to Top Shot. During his 13 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, Johnson had many exciting and momentous events, which are commemorated in this collection.

According to DappRadar, today’s sale volume ranking is topped by NBA Top Shot with a total sales at 24,382, which is 27.74% higher, and NBA Top Shot volume stands at $427.69k, approx 4.38% higher. The current average price of NBA Top Shorts is $17.54.

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2. Farmers World

Second in the top NFTs is Farmer World, with total sales at 16,014 in the last 24 hours which is -20.07% down and Farmers World volume stands at $2.87k approx. -19.09% with an average price of $0.179.

Farmer world NFTs-min

Farmers World is the first farming game to use the NFTs system. In this game, the gamers could choose tools, make use of various in-game resources, purchase digital lands where they could create farms, and overall enjoy the exciting experiences of being a digital farmer.

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3. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-inspired digital pet environment in which players use their adorable Axies in a variety of games. The game’s Universe demonstrates the usefulness of “Free-to-Play-to-Earn” gaming and a player-owned economy.

The play-to-earn game is known to have provided livelihood to thousands of people in Indonesia and other countries during the COVID-19 crisis and the lockdown months. This is why its tokens are among the most sought-after in the market.

Axie Infinity NFT buy

The sales were 10,524 in the last 24 hours which is 16.37% down Axie Infinity volume stands at $167.08k, which is approx. -30.19% with an average price of $7.93. The market cap of Axie Infinity is currently $8.55 million, and the floor price is $1.25 (-51.97%).

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4. AI Apes Collection

With AI used to produce 1000 apes, the Mutant Ape AI Art Collection is a collection of reinvented artwork created with neural networks and layers of filters to produce a one-of-a-kind Ape.

ai ape collection NFT-min

Their goal is to bring together a new generation of NFT fans, including artists, art lovers, and producers of all types. They aspire to deliver magnificent paintings to art enthusiasts, backed up by a vibrant, caring, and family-like community. The sales were 7,080 in the last 24 hours. Ai Apes Collection volume is at $227.06k (100%).

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5. Ethereum Name Service

The Ethereum Name Service is a blockchain-based distributed, open, and extendable naming system.

The mission of ENS is to translate human-readable names like ‘alic or eth’ into machines that have readable identifiers like Ethereum addresses or like other cryptocurrency addresses having content hashes, and metadata.

ens nfts

Ethereum Name Service also supports the reverse resolution,’ which allows metadata like for example canonical names and interface descriptions to be associated with Ethereum addresses.

The sales were 6,836 in the last 24 hours which is 44.68% up. Ethereum Name service volume stands at $167.08k, which is approx. 10.03% gain with a token price of $10.24.

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6. Project Atmos Genesis

ProjectAtmos is a three-dimensional banner art project inspired to kick in the community’s passion for automobiles. It combines numerous decades’ worth of vehicle collections with iconic buildings and architecture.

Project Atmos NFT

The sales were 4,404 in the last 24 hours. Project Atmos Genesis volume is at $342.08k (100%)

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7. GoblinAI

The dazzling 10,000th edition of the legendary Goblintown collection NFT is the future of art, and technology is the future of technology.

Goblin AI NFT

The sales were 2,151 in the last 24 hours (down -58.75%) Goblin AI volume is at $109.14k ( down -58.75%).

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8. Blockchain Brawlers

WAX Studios’ Blockchain Brawlers game was released in 2021. Wrestlers (brawlers) of various rarity levels can be purchased via auction in the game. The odd creatures’ prices started in the hundreds of dollars but quickly climbed to the thousands.

The cost of an entry-level, common, as well as the accompanying equipment, is now roughly $1,000. In the first two weeks after games began in late March 2022, a whopping $430 million in volume was traded.

Blockchain Brawlers NFT

To put it in perspective, the typical user earns 2,000 BRWL tokens and 4 Gold per day, which is currently, worth roughly $480. While lacking the intensity of traditional video games, Blockchain Brawlers cannot be blamed for not having the same amounts of wealth as their Western counterparts. Many firms are now taking the industry seriously, combining entertaining gameplay with real money.

The sales were 1,877 in the last 24 hours which is 25.22% higher as compared to last 24 hours. Blockchain Brawlers volume stands at $24.22k, which is approx. 6.29% gain.

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9. Rezd Robs

Rezd Robs is a recently made and brought to market collection of non-fungible tokens. On the Ethereum blockchain, there is a collection of digital artworks. The Rezd Robs NFT Project features 7.777 distinct Robs with over 200 different variations.

The Rezd Robs NFT Project now has 7.777 Robs, each with over 200 different qualities and over 300 billion conceivable combinations. There are roughly 300 billion possible combinations of Rezd Robs characteristics.

To purchase a Rezd Robs NFT, go to their OpenSea collection, link your wallet, and choose the NFT you want. The sales were 1,872 in the last 24 hours (up by 25.22%). Rezd Robs volume is at $31.43k (100%).

Buy Ethereum for Rezd Robs NFTs

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10. Alien World

Farmers World, Alien Worlds, and Splinterlands are just a few of the most popular Metaverse and NFT-based games in bitcoin, with hundreds of thousands of monthly users. Aien World is a WAX blockchain-based games use the play-to-earn paradigm, which allows players to earn incentives by engaging in the ecosystem.

The alien world, what would you do if you had the power to create anything?

Alien World NFT

Use the Trilium (TLM) game token to join the Alien Worlds simulation of Earth’s economy. In the Trilium and NFT-based Social Metaverse, seek your wealth and prosper. Begin by passing through the Wormhole.

Ranked last in the top 10 NFT by sales volume ranking in the DappRadar is Alien worlds. The sales were 1,762 in the last 24 hours, which is down by 54.21%. Alien World volume stands at $10.52k, which is approx. 43.33% down.

Buy Ethereum for Alien World NFTs

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Here’s How You Could Buy NFTs

Choosing the right platform to invest in NFTs and buy NFT tokens to trade is the first step. OpenSea and are widely regarded as the finest place to purchase non-fungible tokens. These NFT Marketplaces have the most NFTs for sale, and you can buy any of them through these sites.

1. Purchase Ethereum for NFTs

The easiest way for beginners to buy Ethereum or Solana (depending on the blockchain) is to go with a few of the well-known and regulated cryptocurrency exchanges like eToro or Coinbase. Once you buy ETH/ Solana you can store them in the wallet provided by your crypto exchange marketplace.

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2. Buy NFTs

OpenSea is a trusted platform where you can buy NFTs.

You can visit or NFT Marketplace. Keep an eye on the price. It will be in ETH, but the price will also be displayed in USD. If you like what you see, click “Buy Now.” After buying, you can proceed to checkout.

3. Start Exploring and Buying

After buying Ethereum or Solana you can start your trading journey at any of these following top NFT trading platforms having a vast NFT collection to buy and invest from.

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