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Decentralised finance (DeFi) has successfully crossed the buzzword tag and is now seeing mainstream adoption. The nascent sub-sector is worth an impressive $100 billion total value locked (TVL). One of the contributing factors is the proliferation of DeFi-facilitating protocols coupled with significant investment inflows. DeFi Coin, a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network-based protocol, is a fast-rising star in this newfangled ecosystem.

This piece highlights why we believe DeFi Coin is the best up and coming crypto in the DeFi space.

1. Value Proposition

The first reason why DeFi Coin is the best up and coming crypto is the project’s core mission. DeFi Coin seeks to educate mainstream investors regarding the potential of decentralised financial solutions.

The protocol will curate beginner-friendly and down-to-earth educational content for crypto newbies to better onboard them into the crypto and DeFi ecosystems. This curation will be done once its DeFi Swap App is launched for Android and iOS devices later this year.

While several protocols are jostling for market share, DeFi Coin is building a whole new financial hub through its focus on education.

2. Utility

Low market cap projects present unique opportunities for value-driven investors to lock in significant profits on their early-stage investments. Even though the crypto market is full of these protocols, many of them lack liquidity and in some cases, their tokens have zero utility.

DeFi Coin is different. Currently, DEFC investors can use their tokens for decentralised token swapping, staking and yield farming features. Holders of DEFC can also earn a consistent passive income stream via the asset’s taxation process.

3. Industry

DeFi Coin is interacting in both the broader crypto market and the revolutionary DeFi ecosystem. Both ecosystems aim to address the challenges of the traditional financial landscape by making financial services more inclusive and distance-proof.

DeFi itself is seeing strong investor interest as more users look for a more community-driven approach for their financial well-being. The DeFi space now commands well above $100 billion in TVL with more investment inflows pouring in by the minute.

DeFi Coin operates in this burgeoning sub-sector and its community-driven approach means DEFC token holders will be able to vote on the platform’s future direction as well as grow with the broader crypto space.

4. Incentivisation Scheme

DeFi Coin is a peculiar project. It was designed for value investors who hold crypto long term. The protocol discourages speculators and arbitrage trades by levying 10% taxes on sales and purchases. 50% of this fee is then redistributed to all current DEFC token holders in respect to the amount they hold, while the remaining figure is put in its liquidity pool.

5. DeFi Swap (APY)

DeFi Coin has been expanding its offering for investors. Recently the DeFi protocol launched its much-awaited DEX platform called DeFi Swap. The DEX platform allows users to swap or exchange tokens, provide liquidity to a pool, and participate in yield farming. These offerings present even more opportunities for long term-focused investors to generate passive income on their DEFC tokens.

In addition to an already impressive retinue, DeFi Swap offers a mouth-watering earning program. Holders of the DEFC token can earn as high as a 75% annual percentage yield (APY), depending on the category they choose. This APY is an amazing offer and one that shows the potential in DeFi Coin.

6. Future Products And Updates

We have mentioned that the DeFi Swap App will be launching in the tail-end of this year, but there is more to the DeFi Coin roadmap. According to the developers, DeFi Coin will also launch its DeFi Swap V3 protocol in the next two months. This upgrade will come with impressive tools, including research, forum, crypto signals, interactive charts, market data, and podcasts.

DeFi Swap App will be launched with easy-to-understand educational content and lots more. The DeFi Coin team will be working closely with young adults in schools to integrate them better into the DeFi ecosystem. This is an exciting point for everyone.

7. Price Returns

The assessment of a project is not complete without highlighting its price performance. In this respect, DEFC has outperformed a broad range of established projects.

The excitement around the project is infectious and this was instantiated in the impact of its DeFi Swap v1 price gain.

The DEFC token surged to an astronomical value of 300% hitting a record high of $0.56.This is in contrast to other projects that struggled within that time frame. You can learn more about the DeFi Coin price prediction by reading our guide.

8. NFT-Focused Platform

NFTs continue to generate buzz lately and the nascent sub-sector currently averages over $17 billion in market cap. Institutional investment in this space has significantly picked up with 73% transaction activity recorded in October 2021.

DeFi Coin will also integrate them into its DeFi Coin Swap platform. This will further boost the DEFC token use cases and have a global market impact. Digital collectible integration by other protocols has yielded results and we expect the price of DEFC to rise accordingly once the NFT integration is complete.

9. Trading At A Discount

With all this impressive array of offers, you would expect that DEFC would cost a fortune to invest in. Far from that, the digital asset currently trades at $0.35, making it one of the best crypto under $1 investors can own. The digital asset’s potential to hit high figures has been shown before. DEFC surged more than 200% following the launch of the DeFi Swap platform. This is a great opportunity to buy DeFi Coin for a bargain and rise with the market.

Prior to this, DEFC dipped in value last year, trading within the range of $0.15 to $0.25 due to a delay in its DeFi Swap launch. However, CEO Scott Ryder is optimistic the project would hit its milestones even faster this year.

10. DEX Are The Future

Decentralized exchanges are becoming increasingly popular in the DeFi space. Given that most decentralized financial solutions require users to own digital assets, DEX platforms play a huge role in the new ecosystem. According to research by Bankless, DEX platform trading volumes surged by 667% in Q1 2022 to $3.9 trillion for spot while futures volume stood at $209.1 billion, reflecting a 2,700% increase in the past year.

This shows the intrinsic potential in the space. DeFi Coin’s DeFi Swap is quickly becoming a hotbed for DeFi services as it allows investors to trade tokens without the need for a centralized entity coupled with lower fees. Added to this, DeFi Swap also pays a handsome 75% APY for DEFC token holders, making it a crypto gem worth holding.


The crypto space is fast expanding and we expect more projects to make a dent. At the moment, DeFi Coin is the star of the runway. Our article has clearly itemised some important reasons why DeFi Coin is the best up and coming crypto to invest in this year.

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